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Ceccato offers you a full spectrum of modern technological and technical decisions in the field of manufacture and preparations of compressed air for your industrial needs.

Ceccato is the professional company in the field of manufacture of the compressor equipment and offers exclusively reliable technics adapted for conditions of operation in the Russian industrial conditions

Also we offer services on starting-up and adjustment, installation, repair and service of the list of compressor equipment Ceccato.

Innovative product

WIS® compressors, thanks to water lubrication properties have a low air temperature increase that allows high energy effi ciency. They integrate a standard Reverse Osmosis system, which plugged to tap water, refi lls the main water flow when required with a water free ofmineral, sediments and bacteria. Specifi c components also equipped the WIS® to avoid premature wear linked to water aggressivity: stainless steel water tank and fi lter housing, brass couplings and connections, Aluminium/Bronze alloy screw element housing, and polymerised ceramic rotors.

Ceccato - compressed air technology you can trust

Ceccato Aria Compressa S.p.A. has more than 70 years experience in compressed air technology, and is today one of the leaders in the compressed air business in the Italian market. It have an important position in the European market and are rapidly increasing our presence in other continents.

After the acquisition by the Atlas Copco group in 1998, emphasis was placed on the re-layout and modernizing of our production facilities and on the redesign of the complete product range.

The design, assembly of our products and manufacturing processes are state of the art and our team of more than 150 dedicated and highly experienced employees together with our sales and after sales support network every day make the difference.

On our site we do not spread the price-list on compressors because the price for them depends on many parameters and additional options. If you cost and a complete set of the equipment interests - call by specified phones or send applications by e-mail, we shall be always glad to you to help.

Air Energy - authorized dealer of Ceccato Aria Compressa S.p.A.

Air Energy Ltd. is a authorized dealer of CECCATO ARIA COMPRESSA S.p.A. of sales and service of compressor equipment in Russian Federation, experts of Air Energy Ltd. were trained in CECCATO ARIA COMPRESSA S.p.A. on a theme: "Service and diagnostics of the compressor equipment" about what there are corresponding certificates.   return_links($n); ?>